Bible and Hymn Books and all of those things have been the Inspiration of Mankind and are for
the Advancement of This Civilization. --- FATHER DIVINE





Our FATHER'S Message Whilst at the Banquet Table 152-160 West 126th Street, New York City
Tuesday Evening & Wednesday Morning February 13-14, 1940 A.D.F.D. Time 3:44 A.M.




126th Street Extension, N. Y. C.

126th Street Extension, N. Y. C.







Two speakers brought out points worthy of consideration on this occasion. One spoke among other things of the beautiful songs of praise sung to our Creator, and that some sang these songs with the deepest sincerity, realizing their meaning. The other speaker told of having asked a follower for a hymn book in order to look up a certain song, and stated he was told there was no such thing as a hymn book in the Extension; to which he replied that FATHER was the Inspirer of the composers of all hymns and it was therefore not condemnable, or words to that effect. Among other things he also highly praised some of the angels for their expressions of courtesy and love, and especially requested one to testify, stating that he had never heard her speak publicly.

FATHER spoke on these points in His instructive Message. Blessed Redeemer, we thank Thee!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and FATHER'S Message follows the little song sung by the audience.)


"Let the words of this mouth And the meditation of this heart,
Be acceptable in Thy sight, Holy FATHER.
Let the words of this mouth And the meditation of this heart,
Be acceptable in Thy sight, Holy FATHER.

(FATHER speaks as follows:)



PEACE, EVERYONE! Good Health, Good Will and a Good Appetite for each and everyone tonight! Good Manners, Good Behavior, all Success and all Prosperity; Good Morning, Good Night and Good Morning again; with all the other Goodness of GOD for the children of men, to you I bring.

At this particular instance I would just like to say to those of you who hear the< inspirational songs and praises; when you sing them, if you will but take cognizance of what you are singing and consider with the spirit of sincerity, if it is a bequest, if it is a request; that song is a prayer and yet it is disguised in the name of a melody, a song of praise.

We do not accustom ourselves to going through the performance of prayer as the average religious person does, but in that little song there, we just sang, even though it is a statement as a quotation and yet as a request made by another, I deem it to be transmittable, reincarnatable, reproducible and applicable for you and each and every one of us, "Let " what did it say? (The entire assembly in unison quoted the words of the song as follows:)

"Let the words of this mouth And the meditation of this heart Be acceptable in Thy sight, Holy FATHER."

(FATHER continues:)


Now just think of it! As simple as that little prayer in song may seem, if you say it with the spirit of sincerity and are conscientious in your present and future endeavors, GOD will hear your prayers and they will be answered. The meditation of your heart will be acceptable in the sight of GOD. How glorious it is to learn the scientific prayer of which is the heart's sincere desire, unuttered at times and unexpressed! But oh, how glorious it is when it has come from the very depths of your soul and extends with the spirit; how the spirit of sincerity in a melody, is "singing, making melody in your hearts to GOD!" Your prayers are heard and answered speedily, for you recognize His actual presence. And again, if I retrace your thoughts back to the prayer you all have prayed and the prayer you all love so well, that prayer commonly known as the LORD'S Prayer! "Our FATHER Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name . . ." Keep GOD'S Name HOLY in words, in deeds and in actions; keep GOD'S Name Holy in all you say and in all you do. That is the first step for you, and when this shall have been established within you, whatsoever you may say in your requests, they are heard. Those requests are heard they are answered speedily! Then I say, it is a privilege to realize prayer is the heart's sincere desire; but at times, by inspiration, when you get a melody such as that one, it is bringing from the heart's sincere desire your conviction and your requests you are making secret through secrecy in the heart; but it comes out in a composition, therefore it is a wonderful privilege and a wonderful blessing to observe it. When you build upon this foundation, the Spirit of My Presence will be with you, and as the last speaker said in reference to former compositions of songs and praise, as they come forth not only from John Wesley, Dr. Watson, Sankey and many of the other composers of songs and of praise; even that little song that came forth from the writer in biblical history, the composition by transmission coming forth into a melody of song and praise; how glorious it is to realize those things are well worth considering! And, as I afore said, there are thousands of songs that have been inspired in the hearts and lives of men, and brought out in composition; seen and read and sung by them, that those inspirations might lead you< on to victory. As a question came up in court the other day: they tried to convey a thought as if though we did not have a Bible in the home I showed to the world conclusively, in past experience we had Bibles, hymn books and divers song books of the different religions, and even prayer books of the Catholic Church; and we even received those of the Catholic faith, those of the Jewish faith and other religions, and allowed them to worship GOD according to the dictates of their own conscience. I recall, as I mentioned the other day, a family by the name of Kane. According to the mortal version, they were of Irish birth or descent and they belonged to the Catholic Church. They were dispossessed in New York City. I saw the picture of them, husband and wife and seven children. The oldest child was only eleven years old, and they did not have any place to go. I drove down at that time to the city Myself in Person, and brought them from Brooklyn to Sayville, and gave them a home. As they were Catholics, I did not even so much as try to advise or encourage them to go to the public school; I sent them to the Catholic school.

About the same time we had other families out there, whole families even in that small place in proportion to the larger places we have now; but we were willing to share our blessings, we were willing to make sacrifices necessary for the advances of the people. Therefore we did have hymn books, Bibles, prayer books and there are those out there now! I have one Bible that was transferred, and I have the record of it here just a few years ago, since eighteen sixty-two I said, since eighteen sixty-two but I did not find the record in it when we were out in Sayville the other week. I was looking for it. It was written in Old English, eighteen sixty-two, when it was transferred right here in this state to the one to whom it belongs.

So then I said, we have Bibles; nevertheless, for the consideration and to prohibit any criticism or debating concerning the mystery, I have often declared we believe in reading and writing; we believe in the English language of One language, One speech, One tongue, One nation and One flag! This, of course, we will eventually have but to read our alphabet daily I say, to read our alphabet daily I do not see where it would be necessary to have a book, sitting down as college graduate saying a-b-c, a-b-c. We have the fundamentals alphabetically, and we have the fundamentals mathematically; and we know when we get ready to figure out a sum, we figure it out mathematically; but I do not have to say 1,2,3; 1,2,3, as before we go to the kindergarten, when you are sitting in your high chair, being taught by your mother.

Nevertheless, Bibles and hymn books and all of those things that have been the inspiration of man and an inspiration to mankind, those things are for the advancement of this civilization, to enlighten those who are not enlightened; and at times you hear ME repeat constantly original compositions that I, as Professor Melchizedek said, had given those men by inspiration when they brought out those compositions. I recognized the composition, and at times those inspirations and compositions are very fitting and very appropriate for the occasion. Even in the reading of the Message from The New Day there just a little while ago, you heard where I had repeated part of the psalms and at all times, at all times whichever, I repeat the Gospel and Scripture from some part of the Bible. But I do not have to get down and be saying a-b-c, neither 1-2-3. If you know the Truth, the Truth is developed and brought to fruition and from that it makes its divers advances apparently by advancing the people and unfolding the mysteries that are hid until they can see them more distinctly. So it is a privilege!

Just think of how glorious it is! All of the Inspirations, as you have heard ME say, and all of the compositions throughout the ages, are now being brought into this great unfoldment and into this great "melting pot." I have explained the mystery of the Kingdom of GOD on earth among you. As the honey bees, they go out and gather in the substance from all of the divers flowers, blossoms and blooms, and other substance from other things other than those things; yet when the bees bring all of that in, though some of it may be sour, some may be bitter; some may be sweet, of course; but when they get it all together, they make the sweetest thing in the world.

The Kingdom of GOD is not meat and drink, but it is Righteousness, Joy and Peace in the Holy Ghost! We bring in from the world of religion, from all of the divers branches of religion, all information of this advanced civilization; both of the past, the present and that which is for the future. We bring in all of this and make just what you have here tonight, which is for the sustenance of your spirit, your soul, your body and your mind; that which will satisfy every good desire, as I often say, as a Reincarnator, as a Reproducer and inspirational Dramatizer, of every unfoldment of Righteousness. I produce and bring these into display and into expression when it is necessary for us to have them. It is a privilege!

I need not look for a preacher! I need not look for a teacher! I need not look for a politician nor a speaker; for whatsoever I desire, I dial in on such an expression. I produce it and bring it from and through the ages to the present, and put it forth into expression.

As with the statement as just made, so with these different compositions; so with these praises and thanksgiving. I often speak of what John Wesley said, and what Dr. Watson said. I reproduce, and as an inspirational Dramatizer, a Reproducer, Manifester, as the Reincarnator and Materializer, yea, the Personifier of the higher things of life, I bring them into outer expression and remanifest them. That is the mystery.

The Allness of GOD and the nothingness of matter, the Allness of every unfoldment, of every spiritual inspiration and all of the information having been received through this advanced civilization by your education, such as may come forth into expression, it comes from one to the other to bring about Perfection for each and everybody. It is a privilege!

For this cause we know it is a matter of impossibility to be a failure, for from and through all the past ages even up until the present with all of the advanced light of this civilization, we should produce the Perfect and bring it to fruition more explicitly than our ancestors and those who have gone before us. Every one of you under the sound of My Voice, since Professor Melchizedek came, you all have his experience, his advances he is making also to go upon and to coincide with and to cooperate with; and whatsoever he may be in the advances he has made and has produced and brought to fruition or to this degree of expression, they are for the advancement of your understanding and for the advancement of the Kingdom. I speak after the manner of men, whilst as I speak of one; as with one, so with each and everyone. Aren't you glad?

As I have often said, here you all are and there I AM! Here you all are whatsoever you are! Anything that is good about you, I AM that and it is ME. Aren't you glad? I have Unified Myself with you, that you might Unify yourself with ME. So let it be, and it will be glorious throughout all eternity in the Unity of spirit, of mind, of aim and of purpose! How glorious it is to observe the mystery!

Through self-conceitness and through bigotry and prejudice, men deprive themselves of great things at times, by criticism, by deviation; trying to deviate that which may be in evidence or in expression merely by preconceived prejudices that will hinder your advances, by allowing those things to cause you to deviate or shun that which is produced and brought to fruition; that which is good for the advancement of your understanding.

Why shun or ignore or criticize or pervert that which is in evidence, if it is constructive, if it is something that is advancing, encouraging, uplifting and will build you up? Oh, how glorious it is to know the Truth!

Coming back to My Standard of Unfoldment at this instance, of what you all are now experiencing as I have declared I will re-declare and stress it in your memory for your consideration., it is a matter of impossibility for ME to be a failure! All oppositions that have arisen and all that ever will arise, GOD is above every opposition; for GOD is the Creator of the earth and of the heaven!

Then how could anything be in or under heaven that would be greater than the Creator? Or be better than the Creator? We shall produce the best and manifest from each and every angle of expression the Best as PERFECTION for all humanity. That is what I AM talking about!

Then, do not fret yourself because of the workers of iniquity, for they shall be cut off. You can see plainly, there is not a person or personality, individual or individuality that can stand in opposition to the Fundamental; for GOD transcends the personalities and the individualities of the children of men. GOD goes into Infinitude, even transcends the psychic plane. If GOD was limited, even to the psychic plane, why, GOD would be bound by something; but since GOD is Infinite by nature, it is a matter of impossibility for GOD to be limited even to the psychics.

Forge through the psychics directly to GOD, and you have Victory once and forever each and every one of you; yea, I say all! I thank you.






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