"You Cannot Think Nor Imagine More than the Creator Can Do.

"HE Shall Change Your Mortal Bodies in Fashion like unto His Glorious Body!

"After a While it Will Be One Eternal Youth Day." --- FATHER DIVINE


Our FATHER'S Sermon at the Holy Communion Table Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School
764-772 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA., Monday night and Tuesday morning
August 16-17, 1948 A.D.F.D., Time -- 2:48 A.M.

Circle Mission Church, Bronx, New York





Shortly after the singing of an old familiar composition, "I'll be loving YOU always," and as the audience sang it vividly and sincerely, with our precious Savior joining in, at the conclusion of same, FATHER arose and declared His Independence of any and all of His Creation; for how marvelous it would be if our Promise in any and everything could be as true as our GOD'S Promise to us if we stay in His Will; for it would be the same and as true as His Promise HE made the world in the days of old when HE said HE would not destroy the world again by flood and sent and still sends the beautiful rainbow as a symbol of His Promise.

Therefore, this profound Sermon is well worth considering, for truly, the Words of GOD are Spirit and Life to all who will heed them and imbibe them, for they are so freely given that all humanity might have Life, and that more abundantly.

For Thy Words of Spirit and Life, Almighty GOD, we humbly thank THEE!

(The foregoing statements are those of the transcriber, and the following is the composition sung just before FATHER arose to speak:)

'I'll be loving YOU always, I'll be loving YOU always; not just for a day, not just for a week, not just for a year, but always!'


(FATHER then sweetly sings:)

'FATHER'S Love is True always, FATHER'S Love is true always; not just for a day, not just for a week, not just for a year, but always!'

(FATHER speaks as follows:)




PEACE EVERYONE! Here we all are again in the Unity of the Spirit, of Mind, of Aim and of Purpose, universalizing the significance of GOD among us, to bring into your conscious recognition and the realization of millions the Reality of the Allness of GOD and the nothingness of matter! In other words, the Allness of GOOD and the nothingness of evil.

When it is a promise made of you, if you get away from the personality and the individuality and every mortal versionated concept concerning such an assertion and retrace your thoughts back to your present-day diction and realize when you say I, though a personal pronoun, and if you are speaking of yourself as an individual, according to your present-day diction in this advanced civilization, you are using the capital letter, I, from the alphabet and not the little I, even though you are speaking as though a personal pronoun. There is one capital I in the alphabet and there is one capital "I" in the Universe in the English language, therefore, when you use that capital I, speaking of yourself, you should rest in blessed assurance and in peace to realize, that I is that "I AM!"

GOD told Moses to tell Pharaoh when they would ask him Who sent him or words to that effect,

'Tell him, 'I AM that I AM'!'

Could have been said, "Tell him 'I AM that I as you'," in other words, "that I in you," or in other words, "that I as you, I AM, I sent you!" To get away from self and the fallible mortality and its versions, when that I is implied in reference to anything concerning you, remember, that capital I is truly capitalizable


Why is it that you capitalize names? There is a reason for it; whether it is a common or proper noun, when you capitalize anything, it must be stressed in your mind. Emphasis is placed on certain words you speak and anything you desire to be stressed in the memory and consideration of your hearers and of those you may read it; so then the capital I is it of which has made the promise: "I'll be loving YOU always!"


Not Personal

That capital I you have used, and it was not and is not confined to you as a person. It transcends every mortal version! It is not confined to the personality nor to the individuality of any individual, though that promise, "I will do this, that or the other," may have spoken through you and through others; when you realize the truth concerning the Mystery, you can say emphatically and definitely and declare to others by a reversal of the assertion, you will be loving ME always!

Some may say, "I would not wish to make such an assertion." The individuals are not infallible, they are not perfect; in other words, they are imperfect and they will fail! If all of the radio receiving sets in the universe fail, the words that have come through them and the concerts thereof, the messages that those radio receiving sets have conveyed, because of the failure of the receiving sets, it does not say or prove that the promise that has been made through the receiving sets is "fallible." Your bodies are the temples of the Living GOD! GOD has said, "I will walk in them and dwell in them." I have declared as speaking to one as though unto another,

'What the LORD has promised, HE is able to perform; The power of GOD is just the same today!'

Then rest in such an assurance, knowing this, that the positive cannot fade away. The positive assertion, the positive and real expression, though it may be spoken as an affirmation, when I carry it through the process of manufacturing, it has gone through the process of tangibilization and I will fulfil that which you have affirmed, for GOD is the Confirmor! If you can affirm, GOD can confirm! You cannot think nor imagine more than the CREATOR of all Creation and even of your simplest imagination can do. Even your wildest imagination; for if you can imagine anything, since your imagination may have been the product of GOD from the beginning of the Creation, you can rest assured that anything that can be imagined in the positive, though it may be an imagination as superstition, it can be fulfilled, for GOD is the Fulfiller and the Materializer and the Reproducer of whatsoever has been imagined.


The Seed Will Bring Fruit

If it is the positive and the desirable, the seed idea implanted in the soil of your soul, with a confirmation of that seed idea being a reality, you will no doubt come into the recognition and the realization of that which you have imagined. The promise you have made by composition, "I'll be loving YOU always," it is immaterial to ME how fallible man and mankind may be, it matters not what they may say, if they fail every day, the promise you make ME, your life and your energy declared it; if you do not fulfil it, the Fulfiller will fulfil it!

So it is a promise made everyone somewhere, somehow and to be done some way in life! That promise that is made in the positive, stand to it! Be substantiated in the Faith to realize it shall be fulfilled and so it will! I cannot stress the thought of the promises that are made being real, too vividly, for in reality in your present experience and your daily experiences, are the experiences and the product of some previous promise or declaration! The Promise that was made, it will be fulfilled!

I retrace your thoughts back to an experience of Mine as a Person. I have rehearsed it and stressed it over and over again. When passing through this very city on My way South about twenty-odd years ago, a chauffeur mechanic said to ME, "As soon as my contract with my employer terminates, I will come to YOU! I will find YOU! I want to drive for YOU! I want to take care of Your car and I am willing to do it absolutely gratis!" Though he was a man capable of earning fifty to sixty dollars a week with board, and I said, the Promise that he has made CANNOT FAIL, though the person may fail, but that Promise of sincerity, that Promise of conscientiousness, that Promise of appreciation and love that was made through the person, MY SPIRIT MADE IT! I MADE IT MYSELF THROUGH HIM! GOD MADE THE PROMISE TO HIMSELF AND TO THOSE WHO WOULD COME AFTER THEM! I said, even if he fails, THE PROMISE CAN NEVER FAIL!

So it is a privilege to observe what you have seen and heard, for truly on My return, there have been chauffeurs and mechanics of every kind and even the reproduction of chauffeurs by multiplication and garages and everything else at My disposal to show you and others to whom I was speaking at the time that the PROMISE will stand firm! So this thought is before your mind's eye this evening, "I'LL BE LOVING YOU ALWAYS!"

It is immaterial to ME what you may think or say hereafter, the words you have spoken in sincerity, in conscientiousness, in peace and in happiness, in love and in devotion shall be fulfilled! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, Almighty GOD!" came the happy response.)


Recall the Promises Made You

Take these thoughts in and consider them and retrace your thoughts back to the many sacred promises, conscientious and sincere promises that may have been made by you in the past. Individuals rise and fail as individuals of the personages of humanity, but oh, how glorious it is to realize, you heard the voice and may have seen individuals, but they were without being confined or bound to the bodies through which they were speaking -- those words were speaking.

So live in this recognition and you will see definitely, what the LORD has promised, HE is able to perform and will perform if all earth passes away! The foregoing statement is verifiable, for I did say:

'Heaven and earth shall pass away, but the Words of our GOD stand firm forever!'

Someone may have thought or would think, had it not been recorded to that effect, "If the heaven and the earth pass away, how can GOD fulfil His Word? HE would have to be in heaven or on the earth somewhere!" That would be the mortal thought concerning the Mystery, but "Heaven and the earth shall pass away, but the Words of our GOD stand firm forever!"

And when you work cancellation on self to its lowest terms and bring an abolition to the mortal version among the children of men, then you will see that as though it is the heaven and the earth having passed away, that words that did say, "I will be with you," will be with you in all you say and in all you do, for the PROMISE that has been made is TRUE!

What a privilege to realize it; and upon this Foundation and Promise and Understanding you cannot bereaved! You cannot be destitute! You cannot be perturbed and you cannot be disturbed, for the PROMISE is so emphatic and definite until you can rest in blessed assurance and peace to know that that which has been promised is just as true as if they could or you could see the individuals personally with you at all times!

I did say, "If you live after the flesh ye shall die!" Therefore, if you live after the mortal versionated concepts concerning things concerning yourself, you will be a failure and be defeated for the lack of the reality of it being fulfilled in your experiences! But if you transcend the mortal versionated concepts and the mortal versionated ideas and opinions and transcend the personalities and the individualities of the individuals and the personages, you will see it is fulfilled definitely even with or without the personage or the individuality of GOD HIMSELF that declared it!


Putting Off Mortality

These thoughts I AM conveying are the thoughts in the act of putting off of you mortality and putting upon you immortality! When I put off the individuality concerning yourself and all others and put off the personality concerning yourself and all others, you are transcending mortality's version; you are putting off mortal and putting on incorruption! The immortal garment you shall hereinafter wear shall be a garment of incorruption! The garment of corruption you have worn long enough! Personalities and individualities and even your own personality and the mortal versionated concept of humanity, you have worn them long enough; but I did say in the Book of Revelation through John in his revelationic prediction:

'I saw a great number coming up out of great tribulation, that had washed their robes in the BLOOD of the LAMB and made them white and clean,'

or words to the effect.

They had washed their understanding in the Life of CHRIST and purged themselves from mortality's version and from the stench of the flesh and corruption! THEY WERE COMING UP! Aren't you glad! ("Yes, LORD, so glad!" shouted the assembly.) Coming up through the mortal versions, through great tribulation and trials of the mortal versions, ideas and opinions of men! But with the Life of CHRIST as being termed the Blood, I have washed your garments clean! Your garments are the Righteousness of GOD Exemplified, the Understanding of GOD to you materialized and brought into your experience from a personal point of view, and you have cleansed your Understanding with the Life of CHRIST, for I AM daily purging you!

What a privilege to live in such a recognition, where I AM taking you out of limitations, out of the mortal versions, out of adverse and undesirable conditions, for I AM taking you out of corruption and I AM causing you to put on Incorruption! Taking you out of mortality and causing you to put on Immortality! No longer to observe things according to the mortal versions of men, for death lies in them! I mean, death lies in the mortal versions of men, for as long as you live in the mortal versions, you are subject to death, for all mortals must die and the germs of death and corruption lie in the mortal versions even though you are quite some distance from Adam's person and from Eve's and from the Serpent's.


The Church of the Firstborn

You are made subject to vanity and to their versions unwittingly and unwillingly and lived in the mortal concept of things until now, until I came! Aren't you glad! ("Yes, LORD!" replied the assembly.) I AM lifting you up, for those who remain alive shall not prevent those who are asleep; for truly, this is the general assembly of the Church of the First Born, where the Spirits of Just men are made perfect, and you who remain alive are caught up and will meet the LORD in the midair! YOU ARE BEING CAUGHT UP NOW! CAUGHT UP IN YOUR PERSONAL BODIES, YOUR MORTAL BODIES, for it is written:

'HE shall change your mortal bodies in fashion like unto His glorious BODY!'

This is accomplished by putting off mortal from you and putting on immortality! By putting off corruption and the corruptible ideas and opinions and the versions of men and by putting on the incorruption of which is the IDEAS and the VERSIONS of HIM WHO LIVETH FOREVER!

You feel new when you pass through the mortal versions and have freed yourself of all corruption. When you shall have put off corruption and put on incorruption completely, your limbs are fleet and your brains are clear! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, Almighty GOD!" exclaimed the assembly.) And as one said of a very recent date, you begin there and then to get young because of the immortality you are putting on! It is because of the incorruption you are putting on; putting off corruption and putting on incorruption and putting off mortal and putting on immortality! You are becoming to be new creatures and as you are new creatures, you feel different! You look different, for I did say:

'If there be a messenger among you, one among a thousand who will tell man of
His uprightness . . .'

and tell him about not going down to the grave; not tell him to go down to the grave,

'My soul has seen a ransom. His flesh shall be fresher than a child's; he shall return to the days of his youth.'


Eternal Youth

You all are anticipating having "YOUTH DAY" some time very shortly! After a while it will be ONE ETERNAL YOUTH DAY, even as we have ONE ETERNAL CHRISTMAS DAY and ONE ETERNAL NEW YEAR'S DAY! That is what I AM talking about, because GOD IS HERE!

What said I through the mouth of the writer on another occasion?

'Behold, I make all things new, for the former things are passed away and there is no more sea.'

Oh, what a privilege it is; how marvelous it is to know your opportunity you have with your GOD! For I even declared through the mouth of the apostle in speaking of this by inspiration as to him it was given -- he said:

'I beseech ye therefore, brethren, by the mercies of GOD, that ye present your bodies as living sacrifices, holy, which is your reasonable service, and be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind; so that you might prove what is that good and perfect and acceptable Will of GOD.'

I AM ALWAYS SPEAKING OF RENEWING YOU! See the Mystery? Nature itself scientifically renews you if you will allow it to! Aren't you glad! ("So glad, FATHER Dear!" again came the response.) For you are putting on new cells and new tissues even as you put off the old and wear them out! If you let GOD, GOD will let you put on the NEW and become to be renewed by the renewing of your mind and even have New Bodies and your flesh shall be fresher than a child's. I thank you.








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