FATHER DIVINE Causes the People To Be Blessed By Abstaining from Intoxicants,
Drugs and Smoking


FATHER DIVINE To some of His Secretarial Staff in His Private Office Study,
Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School Inc. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
Wednesday, November 1, 1950 A.D.F.D. , Time: 9:30 P.M.






As FATHER was observing how the blessings are increasing and multiplying, due to the fact that HE has taught HIS followers to take up the fragments that nothing be wasted, HE then stepped out on the balcony and looked down on the brand new Crown Imperial, nineteen-fifty Chrysler and an Austin just added to the fleet of Divine Peace Mission cars; and when HE stepped back in the office HE sweetly said:

'I drink no cider, wine, nor beer,
MY limbs are fleet brains are are clear.'

These lines are explained in the body of this office talk; and as the secretaries exclaimed about the blessings, FATHER began speaking as follows:





Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews,
He teaches just as He used to do;
He teaches us to watch, and He teaches us to pray
He teaches us to follow on every day.
He guides our footsteps into His Way;
He teaches us to sing
And all of those things
If you sing a song as you go along,
In the face of the real and fanciful wrong,
Matter not how real and fanciful they may be-

You know you have heard some people say what you hear and what you see is fantastic.

If you are in the face of the real and fanciful wrong, (or fantastic wrong)
If you sing a song as you plod along
You will see that the singing will make you strong.

That thought is deep to be considered, but in speaking of the Chryslers and the automobiles and airplanes and the hotels and all the blessings that life demands, you can consider, if I would take all of MY followers' money- all of your money and drink it up and carouse it out, you could not have such comfort and convenience as this and as these, and you could not have such hotels and other necessities of life! For this cause I say, (Numbers 6:3):

'He shall separate himself from wine and strong drink,
And shall drink no Vinegar or wine,
Or vinegar of strong Drink,
Neither shall he drink any liquor Of grapes,
Nor eat moist grapes or dried.'

If I would take all of your money because you have plenty of it and drink it up and spend it on the horse races and in the car races and spend it playing numbers and all kind of unconstitutional, un-American and undemocratic and unessential ways to destroy and consume your inheritance, you would not be able to have the comfort and the convenience we are now enjoying . It plainly tells you here, (Numbers 6:3 ) the very heading of the chapter, the message as a command given, but giving the summation or interpretation of the message that follows:

'The Law of the Nazarites in their separation:
The Form of Blessing the People.'

It is Wonderful!

We are fanatical and radical enough to know that the blessing of the people comes through self-denial and through refusing to indulge in self, for HE shall do that, said the Scripture prediction-ally, although it is supposedly one of the Books of Moses as though being the Law.

'He shall, separate himself from wine and strong drink,
And shall drink no vinegar or wine,
Or vinegar of strong Drink,
Neither shall he drink any liquor of grapes,
Nor Eat moist grapes, or dried.'

So I am very happy to say, that I did not drink up all of your money or else you would not have first been able to buy Kingston Sr., neither Kingston Jr. You would not have been able to buy Greenkill Park. You would not have been able to buy Krum Elbow and all the five hundred and fifty acres of land and the two miles and a half river front. That is what the man told ME, that you all bought the Krum Elbow from. It did not look to ME, just to look at it, that it was two miles and a half river front, but that is what he told ME. But you still have the pleasure of having the right and the claims of these properties, because I did not take your monies from you; because some claim I was taking all of your money away from you and drinking it up.

So for this cause I bless the people. If I was a natural man, I would advise MY sons and daughters not to marry a man or a woman that would drink strong drinks or indulge in any intoxicating liquors or drink drugs that would influence them beyond their reason to think, for such drugs and such intoxicants will influence the individuals and not only cause them to lose all of their rightful monetary and economic inheritance, but will cause them to even lose life, plus firstly all of the morals and self-respect and decency and honor and reputation.

So then I say, it is a privilege to live this life that you are not ashamed of, knowing this, that by this Life which you all shall be ushered into and have been blessed to be inspired with, it is a Life that giveth all of you Peace and Rest, all Success, Life and Health and Victory over adverse and undesirable conditions.

The Law of the Nazarite- the form of Blessing the People; to abstain from all intoxicating liquors, and drink no cider, wine, nor beer, have your limbs fleet and your brains clear so that you can speak clearly and think the same without condemnation, without antagonism and without accusation, having a clean mind free from all those detestable tendencies. But if you drink cider, wine and beer and be influenced by those things plus other drugs, by smoking reefers and other things of that kind to overbalance your mind, even down so low as sniffing cocaine as a good many people do or have done, have risked their lives in the act of selling and buying such drugs to ruin the lives of humanity generally; but when you are taught in the way of wisdom and led in the right path by the Nazarites that abstain from all intoxicating liquors and drink no cider, nor wine and no beer and will not smoke a cigarette and will not smoke a cigar, by so doing you are blessed and whatsoever you have earned, you have saved, and you could come into possession of such blessings as we are presently enjoying. I thank you.

It is such a wonderful blessing and it is depicted so explicitly in the illustration and explanation concerning what the Nazarite would do to bless the people, how He would save them from all those things by not indulging himself in them. I thank you.








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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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