The Miracle of Good Health.

"What Seems To Be The Trouble?"

FATHER DIVINE Interviews, etc. on Healing and Health.

Seeing and Hearing


Interview Granted by FATHER DIVINE to a Lady In His Private Office Study Peace Center Church and Home, Inc.
of New Jersey 122-126 Howard Street, Newark, New Jersey February 10, 1956 A.D.F.D., Time: 8:10 P. M.

FATHER DIVINE serving Holy Communion Banquet,
Palace Mission Church, Rockland Palace, N.Y.C.

FATHER DIVINE serving Holy Communion Banquet, Palace Mission Church, Rockland Palace, N.Y.C.




The lady firstly told FATHER of her physical condition being almost totally blind, and then concerning her son being on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She then said:

I thank YOU FATHER, for all YOUR Blessings and for saving my life just last Tuesday. Bless me with my sight and to take care of myself, FATHER! I am very, very weak - and not able to work and do my housework. I was in YOUR Presence a few years ago in Pine Brook. I was threatened with an operation and I asked You to be with me and YOU brought me out then.

FATHER: Okay. Well, keep the Faith and live the life. It is not anything I do from a Personal point of view, else it would be deemed that man would be doing the Work - but whatsoever is done is done by MY SPIRIT and by MY Mind. And one does not need to contact ME Personally but to contact ME mentally and spiritually, for it is an Impersonal issue. I need not see you or anyone else Personally but it is an Impersonal issue, and GOD is Ever Present. GOD is a present help in every need and GOD will your every hunger feed, being your desires and the Satisfier of your desires.

So make your mental and spiritual contact and you will get results.

Lady: I thank YOU. I thank YOU, FATHER!

FATHER: Just know within yourself, prayer is not a multitude of words but prayer is the heart's sincere desire, unuttered and unexpressed! Your desires in sincerity from the heart touch the sympathy and love and compassion of GOD, and GOD knows best what to do for you than what you could dare do for yourself.

Lady: Yes, Sir. Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: Therefore, as you desire, so let it be, by not contacting ME Personally necessarily, but by contacting ME mentally and spiritually!

Lady: I thank YOU. FATHER!

FATHER: That is why you see people all over, not only in this State in Jersey but in other states of the Union, other cities and in other countries, coming to ME seeking MY Blessings. They are healed and they are blessed and they express it in the way of health, in the way of happiness, success and prosperity!

Lady: Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: MY true Followers as they live in. this recognition and trust ME implicitly, wholeheartedly and sincerely, they do get results according to their faith.

Lady: FATHER, I thank YOU.

FATHER: You can look in the pages of The New Day, every issue of The New Day, a weekly paper; it carries a number of pictures of the different Churches and Homes and Schools and business places of MY Followers, not only here in this Country but in other countries where I have not gone Personally; and I stress that and I use that for this specific purpose ~ to reach the condition of the people wheresoever they are. I do not have to be where they are Personally, for GOD is a present help in every need and will your every hunger feed and will adjust matters satisfactorily for you!

So take these thoughts to consideration and let ME go home with you!

Lady: FATHER, I thank YOU for all of YOUR Blessings! And FATHER, I want to thank YOU for the sweet letter! YOU said in that letter, GOD is my Life, and you told me to keep my mind on YOU!

FATHER: It is Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!

Lady: I know GOD can do all things. I thought at one time I could not come out, but GOD can do all things!

FATHER: It is true! This is a copy of The New Day carrying MY Message with a Supplement, as an introduction of ME to the world. It shows a number of our Churches, Homes and places that are owned and operated by MY Followers.

So just take these thoughts to consideration, and if you may, if it does not burden you too much, take this along with you!

Lady (accepting it gratefully) : FATHER, I thank YOU. I'll get someone to read it to me. I'm not able to.

FATHER: Yes, you may.

Lady: FATHER, I thank YOU for YOUR Blessings!

FATHER: Keep the faith!

Lady: I want to have a well and healthy body so I can come to Church here and be able to take care of myself.

FATHER: Yes. (FATHER hands her a place card, saying:) This is an International Peace card and (handing her another card) this is the picture of Woodmont, the Mount of the House of the LORD. You also have the picture of it on that New Day on the outside cover. And when you take it along with you and think sympathetically on ME, MY Blessings will be unto you and will give you the Victory over every undesirable condition! Peace, and many blessings!

Lady: Peace, FATHER!






13-17 W. 128th STREET, NEW YORK CITY SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1956 A.D.F.D., TIME: 6:15 P. M.


After the introduction, FATHER speaks as follows:

FATHER: What did you went to see ME for, Mrs. F.?

Mrs. F: The doctor told me my hearing isn't so good and I had a cold last week in both of my ears, and I also would like to be blessed with a position, and get well to go back to work.

FATHER: I see. Okay. Well, I would just like to say, Mrs, F., it's not anything I do from a Personal point of view. Of course, you hear of people being blessed, healed and saved mentally, spiritually and physically, and so they are, but not by ME as a Person; for it is written:

'It is not by might nor by power, but by my spirit, says the LORD God of hosts'

So GOD will help you to be blessed abundantly and if you recognize MY Deity, it is all right. It is justifiable, but know within yourself, it is nothing I do from a Personal point of view!

Mrs. F.: Yes, FATHER Dear, but I notice the people are so happy here! We lack happiness! We haven't got that happiness! I look at the Rosebuds, how happy they are, and that is the happiness to have! And my eyesight bothers me, FATHER. I change glasses every year and if I could see, I would go back to work.

FATHER: Well, just make the contact mentally and spiritually and trust MY Ever Presence. The Ever Presence of GOD and the Omnipresence of GOD is the great work of GOD that circumferences the world - in Europe, Asia and Africa - MY Spirit circumferences the world! And the Spirit of MY Presence. IT is helping others without MY Personal Presence!

Mrs. F.: I consider it a privilege to meet YOU Personally, because I didn't have the courage before, so I consider it a great blessing!

FATHER: So just contact MY SPIRIT.

Mrs. F.: Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: Have faith and I will be with you.

Mrs. F.: Thank YOU, FATHER.

FATHER: Peace.

Mrs. F.: Peace, FATHER.






FATHER DIVINE Grants Interview to Rev. Luther Davis In Father's Private Office, Philadelphia Hotel 764-772 Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tuesday, March 31, 1942 A.D.F.D., Time: 6:00 P. M.


Secretary: FATHER, this is Rev. Davis.

Rev. Davis (Reaching for FATHER'S hand and with a warm handshake says:) Peace, FATHER! this is the first time I have had a chance to shake YOUR hand. I have always wanted to shake hands with YOU and I have come today again. I have come with the specific purpose of seeing YOU about my son. I have a son in the Chestnut Hill Hospital here in Philadelphia. He had an operation because of a minor rupture, and the boy is deaf. He has been deaf for ten years or, more, and his eyes are also affected. My mind led me here to YOU, FATHER. I want YOU to help him. I want YOU to heal my boy.

FATHER: How old is he?

Rev. Davis: Nineteen.

FATHER: Is he mentally and physically fit?

Rev. Davis: Very mentally fit; and be is very apt in school. The only thing be lost his hearing when he was five, going on six years old. It came on him like - he cannot bear at all now. He has finished school at the Mount Everett Deaf and Dumb School. He has a clear understanding. I have been telling everybody about YOU; and YOU are doing a great work not only for this nation, but for all nations, and YOU will have great results and YOU are bound to succeed.

FATHER: I see.

Rev. Davis: I feel good every time I come into these meetings here in Philadelphia. You know I had some habits when I came here before, but I do not have those habits now and not even the desire of those habits; they have all gone.


No Physical Effort Made To Heal

FATHER: I AM very happy to know that by that, you will see and know definitely,

'It is not by power nor by might, but by my spirit, saith the LORD.'

It is not anything that I do as a Person to reach such conditions. I do not use material remedies, and I do not use material methods, and I do not make any physical effort to reach the condition. of the patient. But the person or persons who make their rightful contact, automatically they get results, the same as in your personal experience.

So it is a wonderful privilege to realize just to realize it can be accomplished, and such a recognition and realization work automatically, matters not where you are. It does not make any difference where you might be since GOD is Omnipresent and since GOD is Omnipotent; why, HE can reach your condition wheresoever you are, if you will harmonize with HIM. So many people come in contact with ME the same as yourself in your personal experience, and they do not even contact ME Personally, but by harmonizing with ME psychologically, mentally and spiritually, they get results physically. The physical reaction is the evidence of the conviction of the person.

So if your son can and will but even think harmoniously to ME - that is the reason I asked you, was he physically fit and mentally fit, for he can reach ME effectively if he contacts ME mentally and spiritually, and the results will be the same as if though I were there Personally; for it is not anything I do as a Person. Wonderful Healing by Faith, Alone

I recall some six or seven years ago, a man came to New York City, being sent from Seattle, Washington, all the way across the continent. He had, as you might say, complication of diseases, but one especially incurable - supposed to have been, according to physical science at that time, a cancer - the yellow jaundice and the cancer of the stomach. Oh, he was in a terrible fix, and the doctors had given him UP, and his wife said she would take him any place be wanted to go.

He said that he wanted to come to New York City, so they brought him on stretchers and, some thought that he would live but a few miles on the way, because he had not raised up out of his bed for such a long time, but when he got here they told him about ME, and they told ME about him, and of his condition. I happened not to be at the place where they carried him.,. They happened to carry him to one of the places. where I happened not to be serving, or presiding .at that particular time. I just sent word to him, even though he had not seen ME, and I had," not Personally seen him, to have faith and he would rise; and immediately he arose. He weighed less than eighty-three pounds - less than` eighty-three pounds, I think they say; and in a little while he weighed one hundred and eighty some pounds. It was just marvelous.

Rev. Davis: It is marvelous! FATHER Did Not Go to Him Personally.

FATHER: And I would not go Personally, even in the most severe condition, since it is: not a personal issue, since it is. not being done by physical effort, neither by material methods, or by material remedies; I reach the condition mentally and spiritually.

Rev. Davis: That is exactly why I came here. I did not feel that YOU would go to him physically; but just go there in YOUR Way, and remember him in YOUR Spirit.

FATHER: You just know it and cause him to know it, through the rightful contact, and have the faith, and he will get the results. It is not for any claim on MY part, because I AM a free gift to the world, gratis to mankind; and anything that I can do for the help of humanity mentally and spiritually - of course, it is true if I can do anything physically from a Personal point of view, like giving a person a home, or anything like that, if such as that is desired or happens to be necessary, we are always glad to make any effort from a material point of view to reach the condition, but not from a Personal and material point of view to help to heal a person. It is all accomplished by the Spirit and the Mind. According to Your Faith

Rev. Davis: It all will be done according to your faith. As there was once a man who desired to be healed by Jesus, and he came and there was such a crowd he could not get near Jesus, so they let him down through the roof. There came another man to Jesus and said, "I am in a terrible condition," and Jesus said,

'You have faith, and it will be done,'

and the man was healed immediately. That is the kind of thing I believe in. He also said,

'As much as you abide in Me, I will abide in you. Ask of My FATHER and HE will give you'







FATHER DIVINE Grants Interview to Miss St. Ann In His Private Office Study, Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School of Pennsylvania,
764-772 Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tuesday, May 6, 1952 A.D.F.D., Time: 9:06 P. M.


As Miss St. Ann enters she says to FATHER:

Peace, FATHER!

FATHER: Peace!

Miss St. Ann: I am totally deaf, FATHER, and I can't see out of the right eye.

FATHER: Oh, I see. Well, it is not anything I do as a Person, but if you make the rightful contact, having implicit faith and unshaken confidence, by contacting ME from a mental and spiritual point of view as you have contacted ME Personally you can get results by having implicit faith unshaken confidence. Where do you live?

Miss St. Ann: Oakland, California. (She gives the address.) I write to YOU often.

FATHER: Yes. Well, that's fine. Well, if you can't hear so well, you can write. You are welcome to write ME and tell ME anything you want to tell ME. O. K. Peace, and many blessings.

Miss St. Ann: Well, I thank YOU, FATHER, to stop me from crying.

FATHER: I came to wipe all tears from your eyes! There will be no more sorrow, no more crying, no more pain and no more death when you shall have completely overcome self!

Miss St. Ann: Well, bless my heart, FATHER, and make more peace in my heart, Dear GOD!

FATHER: Okay. Peace, Dear. That will be all.

Miss St. Ann: Peace, FATHER! Bless me!

FATHER: Okay. The secretary says she will type out a copy of this so that you may have it.

Miss St. Ann: Thank YOU, FATHER! Peace.

FATHER: Peace!






FATHER DIVINE Grants Interview to Mrs. Alice Green In His Private Office Study Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School of Pennsylvania,
764-772 Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Monday, December 1, 1947 A.D.F.D., Time- (About) 7:05 P. M.


Secretary: FATHER, this is Mrs. Alice Green.

FATHER: Peace, Mrs. Green. You may take a seat a few seconds. What did you want to see ME for, Mrs. Green.?

Mrs. Green: I want to see YOU about my hearing. I have no hearing scarcely in my ears and I'm sleepfull . I slumber so much.

FATHER: Do you have any other ailment?

Mrs. Green: Well, none particularly - my hearing and paralysis of my face.

FATHER: I see. It is not anything I do as a Person to reach one's condition but as you make your mental and spiritual contact through just believing and having faith, implicit faith, and by the relaxation of the conscious mentality by your stilling yourself and by trusting GOD implicitly, conscientiously and sincerely you will get results, in the which others do. I do not use material methods and I do not make a physical effort to reach one's condition since it is to be reached mentally and spiritually, for

'It is not by power nor by might but by my spirit, says the LORD.'

So if you can but have faith and are willing to trust GOD implicitly - yet, in the meantime if there is anything that you have been eating that would , be detrimental to your physical condition you would be wise to abstain from those things that are detrimental.

Mrs. Green: Well, the lack of my hearing was brought on through the grippe.

FATHER: Yes. Well, I considered something like that, as if though it was grippe or an asthmatic condition or something of that sort. One ailment brings another ailment on at times; but there are things that one eats at times that might irritate the condition and influence the condition. So therefore, if you refuse to eat anything that would be detrimental and abstain from the things that would not be advantageous to your health or physical well being, it may be wise to do so, while yet, on the other hand, it is good to abstain from the appearance of evil. That is the mental and spiritual way, and refuse to allow resentment or anger or jealousy or prejudice or any of those mental and spiritual vices or tendencies leaning towards vice and crime mentally and spiritually; abstain from those things and you can be healed from such ailments.

But faith is the victory that overcometh, yet it must be that one must qualify themselves or place themselves at a place in consciousness where they can be helped through faith and through the relaxation of the conscious mentality, through one stilling himself or herself mentally and trusting GOD. That is, in short, when I say the relaxation of your conscious mentality, it is essential, that is, to say,

'He that puts his trust in Me'

said he,

'shall never. be confounded.'

If you put your trust in GOD when you relax your conscious mentality you are trusting in GOD because you know you are not trying to do something or think something mentally to solve your problems and to adjust matters satisfactorily for you by knowing within yourself GOD is all-wise and infinite mercy and infinite love and compassion to and for all humanity. If you will place yourself in that confidence and in trusting in GOD to that extent, your prayers, which are your desires, can and will be heard and answered.

Mrs. Green: I have confidence, FATHER.

FATHER: Where do you live, Mrs. Green?

(At this time Mrs. Green gave FATHER her address and FATHER continued speaking as follows:)

I see. Well, you are welcome to attend the meetings and come in the environment when you want to and if you harmonize and sympathize, no doubt the Spirit will work more effectively and I believe your hearing will immediately be better.

Mrs. Green: I enjoy the meetings. Thank YOU. Yes. Also, you remember, FATHER, in the fall I wrote YOU a letter concerning my niece being afflicted with arthritis and not being able to walk and I wrote to YOU for YOUR prayers. I had confidence in YOU that YOU would be a great help to her. Well, she is now able to go to Church but she hasn't been able to walk yet and her first Church was the first Sunday in October. September was when I wrote to YOU and I felt that YOUR prayers as well as our confidence were answered.

FATHER: Well, no doubt if she will abstain from certain kinds of food that would be detrimental to the condition - now arthritis or neuralgia of rheumatics or rheumatism or whatever you may call it, any sort or any kind of pains. or aches in the limbs like that, it might be well to abstain from certain red meats and things that are sour and so much sweets, but especially, red meats and sour things. Those things tend to annoy the physical condition of rheumatism or rheumatics or arthritis at times. So, if she could abstain from those things and allow the Spirit to work with her otherwise, the. Spirit would not have the obstruction to overcome of those things that she is eating to keep the condition annoyed.

It is the same as if you have a sore hand, naturally, if you continue to hit or do something that is harmful to it, it would be hard to cure, you see. And as with the sore hand or foot or anything else, so with your whole physical system. If you are afflicted and have ailments and you desire to rid yourself of those conditions it is essential to stop doing things that would annoy or continue to irritate the condition causing those things. Get rid of that something that irritates your physical system, then the Spirit can work effectively.

Now, it has given her the energy to go to Church. Well, that is all right, but she ought to be healed completely and she must have implicit faith and unshaken confidence and make up her mind to live exactly according to the Life and the Teaching of Christ as recorded in the Four Gospels.

Mrs. Green: Her trouble seems to be mostly in her muscles in her arms. She can't straighten out her arms entirely.

FATHER: Well, there are conditions such as this one just mentioned that are by hereditation. People inherit things that are undesirable sometimes from a mental and spiritual point of view.' They also inherit the conditions of their ancestors physically at times. Well, one can overcome those things by a new birth of freedom just as I mentioned the other day; a lady that was a habitual thief, born a thief, and her mother was a thief and her mother's mother was a thief when she was born and her mother was in prison when she was born, she said, and she never got rid of that curse until she came in contact with ME. But since she came in contact with ME, somewhere about the year of 1933, she hasn't stolen a clothes pin, a little dress pin, since; but every week and almost every day, she said, in her life when she was out of prison she would be trying to steal something.

Well now, those mental and spiritual hereditive tendencies that were banded down by tradition and hereditation, can be overcome by a new birth of freedom. When she saw ME she received a new birth - a true conversion, a new birth, better known as a true conversion, and since that time she has no desire to steal. She said before she saw ME she would go to bed at night and she would wake up in the night and put on her clothes and go out over the housetops - out the fire escapes -and cross over to people's clothes on the lines and steal the clothes off the lines - go in the stores and steal things. She didn't even need the things she had but she was just cursed with that hereditive tendency that was handed down by hereditation - by ancestry. Her mother cursed her with it as she was in prison, when she was born, for stealing; but she had faith and she was healed of that condition.

Now a person can be healed of physical ailments and conditions if they can get this new birth of freedom that I AM giving. So it calls for a new birth through faith in GOD to live exactly according to HIS Teaching and to have a miraculous mental and spiritual birth from that of the first. I thank you.






FATHER DIVINE Grants Interview to Mrs. Lily Jones In His Private Office Study Circle Mission Church, Home and Training School of Pennsylvania
764-772 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Wednesday, May 17, 1950 A.D.F.D., Time 8:21 P.M.


Secretary: Peace, FATHER. This is Mrs. Lily Jones and it is said that she can't see.

Mrs. Jones' nurse: No, she can't bear.

FATHER: All right, what did you want to see ME for?

Nurse: (Turning to Mrs. Jones) Tell HIM what you want to see HIM for.

Mrs. Jones: Open up my hearing. I am deaf and I can't hear. I have been here ever since Christmas and I went to the hospital and I couldn't bear, and it seems like it got worse. It seems like I hear birds singing all the time.

FATHER: Well, it is possible that your hearing can return if you make the rightful contact and have implicit faith and unshaken confidence. It is not anything I do as a Person to reach your condition, but as you make your contact with ME mentally and spiritually as you have made it personally, you will get results. Of course, it is essential to confess your sins and forsake them, and if for any cause you have criticized or ignored anyone singing or anything of that sort, that may cause that to be imposed upon you. If you confess it and forsake it, no doubt you will have mercy, for,

'He that covers his sins shall not prosper, but he that confesses them shall have mercy.'

So if for any cause at any time in life you have ever said anything about people singing at the church critically - (FATHER turns to the young nurse and says:) you can tell her more definitely if she doesn't understand it, even when you go, you can tell her what I have said. So if for any cause she has said anything about anybody criticizingly that were singing and speaking, not only those of MY following or anything, MY WORK and MY MISSION Personally, but anybody's, if you criticize the work of GOD, you might have to pay the penalty! But if anything like that comes upon you through violating the WORD of GOD by speaking against someone religiously, you can confess it and forsake it!

If you have not sinned unto death, GOD will have.,mercy. Then have faith to believe and know the contact that you make with ME Personally, is not the true contact. The true contact is to make the contact with ME mentally and spiritually; for the woman did touch the hem of Jesus' garment and she was healed. It wasn't necessarily a physical touch. Of course, it is understood as if though it was a physical touch.

(FATHER again turns to the young nurse and says-.)

But if she makes the mental and spiritual touch, she will get results, for it is written and has been said over and over again in our churches and especially in the Methodist church and the Baptist church when people are praying and hold revival services at times, Christ said,

'if you touch ME, I will touch you back!'

(FATHER again turns to the lady): So if you touch Me mentally and spiritually, I will touch you back, for that is the kind of touch that GOD makes! It is not anything I do as a Person, neither do I make a physical effort, neither do I use material remedies to reach your condition, but as you contact ME in all sincerity mentally and spiritually and simplicitly, I will hear your prayers and answer them, for

'Prayer is the heart's sincere desire, unuttered and unexpressed.'

Mrs, Jones- Thank YOU.

FATHER: Peace and many blessings. (FATHER turns to the nurse and says): Now you may tell her better as you can commit it to memory and it is also written. The stenographer is taking it and no doubt it will be in next week's issue of The New Day and she can read it and you can also read it if you cannot commit to memory the exact words I have said, and to others who may be concerned.

Mrs, Jones: Peace, FATHER.

FATHER: Peace, and many blessings.

Nurse: Peace, FATHER.






Excerpt from Message Given by FATHER DIVINE at the Banquet Table 20 West 115th Street, New York City, N.y.
Monday, January 22, 1934 A.D.F.D., Time: 10:45 A.M.

Among the many testimonies on this occasion that stirred the great gathering to songs and praise for the Presence of GOD, FATHER DIVINE, came a testimony from a brother who had been instantly healed of blindness in one of FATHER's large public meetings in Jersey City, N. J. some time previously.

The testimony was in part as follows:

"I want to thank FATHER for healing me of blindness almost a year ago. I had been totally blind in 1918 and 1919, and I put on glasses at that time, but could only see dimly with the right eye. The left eye was absolutely no good to me, even with the glasses. Isn't it Wonderful? My FATHER, in Jersey City on that Sunday ten months ago, moved those glasses from me. You know nobody but GOD could do what my FATHER did that Sunday. Those glasses went up to the ceiling and came back down on the stage and did not break, but I was healed, And FATHER, you said three things to me, or YOU said, 'I have put three things into you; I have put the FATHER, the Son and the Holy Ghost in you', and the last Words you said were, 'Keep the faith', and FATHER, I am trying...'

Following this testimony and the song, "If you will let ME, I will let you, etc." FATHER spoke as follows:




Good Health, Good Will and Good Appetite; Success and Prosperity and Peace and Health and Love from GOD, be multiplied. If you will let ME, I will let you! In the beginning of the creation of the world, GOD said, "Let there be" and there it was! In this dispensation the same Spirit is speaking within the people as a Presence, saying, "Let" and so it will be - that is, if you will let ME. But remember, you must let ME, as well as you desire ME to let you; for I have long since said, and it has been verified by one and all, "Here you are and there I AM; there I sit and here you stand". I have poured out MYSELF in reality - the Spirit of MY Life and Mind and Understanding - to the children of men. By so doing the very, Spirit of Life has been transmitted to them, to give them the power to let HIM, even as HE lets them. Aren't you glad ?

For this cause I came and for this purpose I stand insignificant as I may appear to be in the midst of the children of men- This is a Principle that I AM reflecting, producing And bringing to fruition, that cannot be condemned by any one of them. Then I say, if you will let ME, I will let you, and if you are ME, I AM you. It has long since been said, "I will, if thou wilt" - so 1 will if you will. Each and every individual can bring forth into outer expression every good and desirable imagination, if they will bring it forth by faith, through letting.

For this cause I came and upon this Foundation I still stand and will remain for the consideration of the children of men, as a Sample and as an Example for them, that they as individuals - individually and collectively, yea, even universally, - might copy after t b i s fashion that I AM showing them. They too, as well as you, though they may not have been physically blind, have been mentally and spiritually blind; and they too, as well as you, though they have been physically strong and physically qualified to meet the issues of life, have not been mentally and spiritually qualified. They have been mentally and spiritually blind. But since they have believed in ME, although they were blind, now they can see. The blindness of the physical eye is but an outward expression of the condition of the mind within. When you believed vividly and enthusiastically and were willing to let go through relaxation, the very Spirit of MY Presence reproduced the sight in expression and brought to fruition this which we have now called in, question. Aren't you glad!

Your sight was and is, GOD, and it has always been; for GOD loaned HIMSELF to the children of men in the name of the five physical senses to lead and to guide them. Truly might one have said, "GOD is invisible" So HE is! HE is invisible to the physical, mortal-minded person, but in HIS expression to those abiding on the physical and material plane, GOD reveals to them and teaches them through their five physical senses. Your sight, your hearing, your taste, your feeling and your smelling - this is the way GOD is expressing HIMSELF to you so long as you are living in mortal consciousness. But when you rise above materialism, mortal views, mortality and the mortal versions of things, you will revel in the

'Glorious Liberty of the Sons "of GOD'

and you will find and see that GOD can speak through you and teach you, other than by your five physical senses. It is indeed Wonderful! But remember, the five physical senses are the avenues through which GOD has taught the people from the beginning of the creation of the world.

It was essential for the light to appear that "man might see, even before he had sinned. .Through the light your physical sight can observe things plainly. GOD expressed through you in the name of sight, that you might observe the material things of life and understand them. If it were not for some, or one of your five physical senses, not one of you would be here today. But through your five physical senses GOD has been expressing leading and teaching the people, that they might observe things that were needful for them to observe, and leading them to a higher level, a higher light of understanding.

For this cause I say, your five physical senses, .as they are termed, are in reality, GOD, expressing and manifesting HIMSELF to the children of men, teaching and telling them the things they should know, that they might be led to a higher Light of Spiritual Understanding, which first comes through the mortal version of the five physical senses' expressions and teachings.

The last speaker brought forth to consideration the time of which I was not bearing record, that he was healed physically in Jersey City.

There are many here can recall how he was sitting and threw his glasses while I was speaking, coming to ME kneeling down and declaring that he could see. It is Wonderful! That was just a slight sketch and a reflection of a percent of a percent of a percent of a fraction of a grain of the sight I AM giving to the souls of the children of men. The physical sight was the out-picturing, it was a Light for the children of men to understand, those that are materialists, functioning on the material plane; that they might see and observe the Presence of GOD among them. Those that are materialists, naturally they would not believe unless you gave them some physical facts. Therefore I gave them a physical fact in the experience of this last speaker, causing them to see physically, that he could see, and it was apparently a mystery, but it was not mysterious to ME. I knew he could see from the beginning. It was only the veil of materialism and the theories and doctrines of men that had veiled GOD in him and prohibited GOD in the name of sight from expressing through him as it had been.

But when GOD spoke the Word into existence, it was brought into materialization.

'According to your faith so be it unto thee".

It was brought into materialization. As I so often say in MY radical, fanatical and ignorant phrase - I say, HE also brought it into materialization and physicalated it in the person of the last speaker.






Excerpts from FATHER DIVINE'S Sermon Before the Verdict At Mineola, Long Island, New York At the Union Temple Baptist Church
132nd Street, New York City, N. Y., Evening of May 24 '. 1932 A.D.F.D. (No Time Given)



It is Wonderful! I know you all are happy I I was glad to hear the wonderful music that the gentleman played who thinks he is blind - or that some of you think is blind. Some of you think he is blind too. But I know that GOD is his sight. That is the great significance of the Omniscience and Omnipresence of GOD, to be that One and be their All-in-all. For one to realize that actually and truly GOD is their five physical senses, it is Wonderful! When you are foolish enough to believe that, then according to your faith, so be it unto you. Men have believed such seemingly radical, unbelievable things, and to them it has been made real and brought into expression. But I can prove to you conclusively, if I just had a little time to do so, that it is true.

I will not endeavor to go into the full aspects of it tonight, as I have something else to do just now. But, however, I will say to you that GOD IS YOUR SIGHT! Your five physical senses -GOD is actually each one of them, expressing through the members that are called your nose, -your eyes, your ears, your mouth and your body. GOD is your five physical senses for the physical man, and teaches you what HE wants you to know by some or all of these five physical senses. And when you realize that GOD is in reality all of these five physical senses, why, then you will come back to your right mind. It is wonderful to know that GOD has come, and after GOD has come, you cannot have bad sight! But you can have sight that is good, because GOD is good. You can have a taste that is good, and always a good taste in your mouth, for GOD is good. You can always have a good feeling, if you know it, because GOD is good.,

In the recognition of GOD being both it and them, your hearing, and all of your five physical senses, and applying that thought to your mind, why, you can see even also as I can. It is Christ in you and Christ in ME, will make you what you ought to be, and from every limitation set you free, if you only live the life. But you must cast out of your system, by casting it out of your Consciousness and out of all of your mentality, all prejudices, bigotry, resentment, anger, envy, malice and strife; all doubts and all fears, all divisions and distinctions, races, creeds and colors and denominations of every kind, and recognize your at-one-ment with your fellow men, that you might be one with GOD. It is Wonderful!

I just wish to bring those few points before your consideration and show you how and where, and here and now, is the time that you can apply GOD to all. of your five physical senses, or the members of your five physical senses that represent them, and be the direct manifester of the Perfect, invisible GOD, working through your system. You can rid yourself of every negative condition by your recognition of GOD within and GOD without, for there is no other. For the GOD that has ever been and ever will be is within and without and is walking and talking in you if you only know it. And in that you can see that the Truth of GOD is verified, as recorded by one of the Apostles saying that,

'Christ is all-in-all.'

Christ is in every joint, every sinew, every limb, every bone, every vein and fibre, every cell and every atom of your bodily form.

And I AM talking about GOD that created the Heaven and the earth and all things that, in HIM are. The same One is walking and talking in you tonight. And that same One is dwelling in your midst and that same One is in your eyes; That same One is in your ears and that same One is in every muscle, every nerve and every cell of your bodily form. It is Wonderful!

'To whom God would make known what is the riches of the mystery of the glory among the gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.'

It is Wonderful!

'Christ in you, the hope of glory, Him we preach, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.'

You cannot be perfect unless you are made perfect by the recognition of GOD, your FATHER. GOD is the only One that can make you perfect. You can be presented perfect-perfect before GOD for it is written,

'Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.'








GOD is a free gift to the world. Any and all of the material on this and other pages may be copied and reproduced.

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It is also nice to give credit where credit is due for through the Spirit and Teaching of FATHER and MOTHER DIVINE you are and can eternally be abundantly blessed.

From all of us to all of you. we wish you, peace and love, and many blessings, and may we all ever live in unity and brotherhood and the Consciousness of GOD'S Actual Ever Presence.

True Americanism, True Brotherhood, True Christianity, True Judaism and All True Religions are synonymous and truly Our GOD is One GOD. Amen

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